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Meet Executive Coach

Katya Morozova

She is not only an expert in how to find and filter for your ideal woman, she will also train you in confidence, body language, style, approach and authentic, magnetic conversation and consensual, sensual and sexual escalation. Katya earned her Coaching Certification from the Robbins-Madanes Coaching Program created by Anthony Robbins and has a variety of degrees and trainngs. Her work and teachings are founded inside of creating effective, authentic communication “from the start” when dating, which she views to be the foundation of long lasting love, and healthy grounded relationships.

Katya is a master-coach who has brought hundreds of men into success, confidence, romance and living their ideal life with women.

If Your Application For A 1-on-1 Session 

with Katya is Accepted Here’s What You’ll Get:

How to lead with your unique "Man of Experience" strengths so you can attract any women

A personalized plan for meeting & connecting with great women both online and in person.

A customized step-by-step “women funnels” in your area to create more dates than you've ever had before.


Here's What Others Are Saying About Working with Katya...

Mike M.

I was blessed to work with Katya for 3 months and in that time I grew from the mindset I just needed a couple of pointers on what to say, do, or recognize when trying to approach a lady to get a date to learn it’s a pattern of behavior in me I had to recognize, change, and apply to be able to more approachable and attracted to by women. That was totally different that what mind set was when I began with Katya!

Edward P.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with Katya on my dating and relationship skills and am impressed with her intuition, insight and knowledge of the dating “dance”. She affirmed some things I was feeling about my girlfriend, yet challenged me to reframe/rethink my perspective about our relationship. She has an ability to ask questions that caused me to think more deeply about choices that are most authentic for me, and reminded me to look at my decisions with a more long-term perspective. Your time, energy and money will be well-invested working with her

"Huge and life-changing impact Katya. Seriously.

You were a light-house during my last break up and now with our weekly sessions focusing on online dating I’m beginging to see how being single is fun!"

- Russ B.

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